REVENIENCE: Fresh metal talent!

Hi guys! How is it going?

Everyone knows  Italy is a constant factory of metal talent, and this time we have to say YES again!

That´s why is impossible to star the week better than listening another very talented Italian band called REVENIENCE.

Their Full-length called “Daedalum” contains 9 awesome tracks, each one with his own personality taking part of the same landscape.

Mixing and twisting Modern and Gothic Metal, both genres are clearly reflected in the compositions.

We have to detach “A-Maze” from beginning to end. Maybe their best song from our point view. Growls, clean vocals, deep keyboards, heavy riffs, etc… absolutely fall in love with this song.

We recomend to check out and enjoy the official video of “Shamble” if you really want to aprecciate the essence of this band.

Simply press play and you will find it!!





Scarleth: Perfect Modern Metal Formula!


What a very nice surprise today in the office!

This surprise is called SCARLETH, Ukraine Modern Metal Band.

Listening the begining of “Double Memory” first thing we can say is “it´s gonna work”.

Musically,  the composition becomes rich in many aspects. Each song is different in the essence from the others but always keeping the groove.

Keyboards are very present with Yana Kovalskaya. She and Victor Mozorov (guitar) delight us with amazing solos and dialogues between guitar and keys. “Pure desire” is a real party of it.

Ekaterina Kapshuk (vocals), Igor Chumak (bass), Philipp Kharouk (drums) complete this very talented line up.


With all these ingredients we have the perfect Modern Metal formula : Clean sound, catchy melodies and powerful riffs.

Don´t hesitate!! They are now one of your favourite bands too!!




SERPENTYNE : Musically Ilustrated!


Hellouuu dear friends!!

Today we feel quite epic listening a band called SERPENTYNE from London ( UK )

They perform a very nice Symphonic Rock style, with folk , celtic and pagan influences.

First time you listen for example “Lammas Night” you can feel it.  You´re a part of the story aswel.

These guys are presenting their new full album called “Serpent Kiss” wich is very very interesting and ecleptic from our point fo view. Each song  discover us  one tale, mith or leyend.

“Jeanne Dar´c, Saltarello or Morrighan´s Jig”  are very well musically ilustrated.  You learn and enjoy at the same time. There´s nothing better than music to learn somenthing new!

Musically awesome is “Viking Blood”, in our opinion is the most complete song of this band.

Choirs, guitar solo…every instrument has his chance on this song.

We really recomend you to join to the world of Serpentyne. It will fascinate you!

Just purchase the album to know more! Support your bands!





AMETHYST : Mysterius Atmosphere!



Hellooouuu guys out there !

We´re very happy today! The reason?

We have the first band from Costa Rica on Female Metal Bands! Yeahh!

Amethyst is formed by Fabiola Salas –  vocals, Geovanny Leitón – Guitars, Elías Vega – Bass,  Kendall Rodríguez – Keyboars
Juan Carlos Soto – Drums.

Playing between Symphonic Rock and Progressive Metal, musicaly you can see clearly the idea. Pretty good combination.

Their first single is called “TimeKeeper”.  The song, talks about one thing that possible scrares everyone : What would happen if all of us know the date of our own death? Would you live your life in the same way?

This way,  “TimeKeeper” quickly involves you in a mysterius atmosphere, get your attention, you start to go with the flow….the melodies, keyboars…

You really got see the video aswell.

Definetly, these guys know how to express what they compose. And you quickly feel it.

Waiting for more music and news about Amethyst!!

HOLLYWOOD GROUPIES : Heavy, Melodic and Fresh

Hollywood Groupies

For today we have another promising band directly from La Spezia  (Italy) called Hollywood Groupies.

“From Ashes to Light”  is the name of their first full lengh album.

Finding  a huge heavy essence in the compositions, riffs, sounds etc… we can also feel melodic sensations and details.

In this new album, Ace is the lead singer now and we really like his voice, giving somenthing different to the band.

Talking about riffs, Kelly is brilliant as a lead guitar, bringing electricity to the band helped by Condor ( Bass ) and Mirko (Drums)

In “Rebels with no name” they put into practice what we said before.

More melodic is “Get to you”,  working  other aspects of the music like get cachy and current melodies to work with.

Hollywood Groupies keep the heavy metal essence and also smooth modern details.  Really good sound.

Remember : Listen Hollywood Groupies & support new bands!!


MISTHAVEN : Alternative Elegance



Hi again guys!

There´s nothing better than start the new year listening promising bands.

That´s the case of Misthaven, alternative rock band from Campobasso ( Italy ) formed by  Francesca, Eleonora, Alessandro, Tito and Antonio.

Listening deeply their different songs, there´s one word to describe their music : Elegance.

Keyboards are always present. Voice and keys are chasing each other getting a soft and melodical sound.

Love “Yesterday”  from their first EP called “Born among the ashes”.

The acoustic sound is maybe  the key of this band. Somentimes in bands,  we really miss clean lines and sounds in the treatment of the general sound, but Misthaven knows very well how to work with this.

Sencond  EP  is called “Bleed”. Is very well arranged wich remind us to Evanescence in some cases.  Maybe that´s why we can find few covers of Amy Lee´s band performed by Misthaven.

Looking forward for the LP!!


WAVERLY LIES NORTH : Wonderful 9 track concept album!

Waverly Lies North

First thing  we have to say about Waverly Lies North, very talented french symphonic metal  band is :

“They a have a clear idea of what to do.  And carry it out wonderfully”

Ani Arzumanyan,  Jerome Pecquery, and of course, the Mehay brothers, Juien and Ed surprising us again with this 9 track concept album called  “Revelation of the Sunstone”.

The concept of Symphonic Metal here, have some nuances of power and sometimes of progressive metal. These guys have know how to take the essence on each style.

The result is catchy, clean and very talented Symphonic Metal.

Throughout the songs, we just can find different narrated interludes, explaining the different chapters and giving us messages about the whole story, guiding us.  With this, Waverly Lies North take us to a total immersion in their tales, their songs.

Simple and smart is the begining of the song “Days of snow”

Musically, from our point of view, is necessary to detach one piece : “The Arcane Alliance”. The music drives you to the story.

It´s very easy to keep listening this band during Hours.

We invite you to do that.


SALTIMBANKYA : What a nice surprise!


Somentimes, when you wake up in the morning, having a relaxed breakfast, enjoying a crunchy toast….searching new videos on youtube… could find very nice surprises like this…


First single and video?  YES, and wow! what a sound! The production is  simply awesome, made by Hery Menacho ( Kronic Producciones )

Saltimbankya is the personal Symphonic metal proyect of Thanya Santos, singer, model and actress.

We are surprised by her beauty lyric voice.

This first single is called “The voice”  and Thanya explain it very well :

“Presented as a circus drama, Saltimbankya tells the story of Geraldine, a white face clown who suffers a big depression because of her circus partners and boss, who are bullying her all the time. Her only friend is Esmeraldine, her alterego, a colorfull character who acts during all the story as her conscience”

Personally, I really like the riffs on the second verse. The symphonic ambient envolves you from the begining of the song and makes you part of the story.

The release of the full album will be on September but is not totally confirmed.  We are eager to listen the next songs of the album!

Soon, more news!


BLINDFALL : Only the brave will pass!



Back in office again!

This time, we have been looking into a new interesting band from Freiburg / Tenigen. But this story is special.

You know guys, nowadays everybody travel, have gigs in different places, countries etc..But….can you imagine changing all your lifestyle, country, food and  beloved people?

We´re talking about BLINDFALL, a band from Granada ( Spain ) who had to move to Tenigen ( Germany ).

Inga Roser (vocals) and José Maria Gutierrez (bass) did not give up and start again a the proyect, changing their lives to level up.  Florian Günkel (guitar) and Marcel Hellstab (drums) completes the band.

Talking about music style : Listening the sound deeply, can find energy, rage, punk structures, interesting lyrics…

Very very catchy songs. “Let go” ( Last single ) we really love the first riffs, link pretty good with the main melody!

In short : A very good job!

The world of music is full of burdens, only the brave will pass.  BLINDFALL.



Beside (2007)
Scars & Secrets (2010)
All for nothing (2012)
A New Day – EP (2016)




Hi again guys!

After getting solved some issues in the office, we´re back again. Thank you for your patience!

Today we´re going to talk about KLIODNA, Symphonic Metal band from Belarus.

Their fist album is called “The dark side” and sounds very very well.

In some parts of the songs reminds us pleasantly to the old nightwish style( with their own style of course )

Guitar progressions, orchestrations, voices, chorus ect, having a very nice sensation listening to these guys.
As you see, the song also called “Kliodna”, easy and cool video by the way, take us to the real felling of the what we call symphonic metal. And it´s great.

Really love ” Dead princess dreams ” progressions and solo guitars are fast and brilliant, very close with the voice and the rest of instruments.

Starting to listening the first 20 seconds you think..Oh man, i need energy to resist what´s coming up! Mystical lyrics? Yes it is.

It is worth to follow them!