SALTIMBANKYA : What a nice surprise!


Somentimes, when you wake up in the morning, having a relaxed breakfast, enjoying a crunchy toast….searching new videos on youtube… could find very nice surprises like this…


First single and video?  YES, and wow! what a sound! The production is  simply awesome, made by Hery Menacho ( Kronic Producciones )

Saltimbankya is the personal Symphonic metal proyect of Thanya Santos, singer, model and actress.

We are surprised by her beauty lyric voice.

This first single is called “The voice”  and Thanya explain it very well :

“Presented as a circus drama, Saltimbankya tells the story of Geraldine, a white face clown who suffers a big depression because of her circus partners and boss, who are bullying her all the time. Her only friend is Esmeraldine, her alterego, a colorfull character who acts during all the story as her conscience”

Personally, I really like the riffs on the second verse. The symphonic ambient envolves you from the begining of the song and makes you part of the story.

The release of the full album will be on September but is not totally confirmed.  We are eager to listen the next songs of the album!

Soon, more news!


BLINDFALL : Only the brave will pass!



Back in office again!

This time, we have been looking into a new interesting band from Freiburg / Tenigen. But this story is special.

You know guys, nowadays everybody travel, have gigs in different places, countries etc..But….can you imagine changing all your lifestyle, country, food and  beloved people?

We´re talking about BLINDFALL, a band from Granada ( Spain ) who had to move to Tenigen ( Germany ).

Inga Roser (vocals) and José Maria Gutierrez (bass) did not give up and start again a the proyect, changing their lives to level up.  Florian Günkel (guitar) and Marcel Hellstab (drums) completes the band.

Talking about music style : Listening the sound deeply, can find energy, rage, punk structures, interesting lyrics…

Very very catchy songs. “Let go” ( Last single ) we really love the first riffs, link pretty good with the main melody!

In short : A very good job!

The world of music is full of burdens, only the brave will pass.  BLINDFALL.



Beside (2007)
Scars & Secrets (2010)
All for nothing (2012)
A New Day – EP (2016)




Hi again guys!

After getting solved some issues in the office, we´re back again. Thank you for your patience!

Today we´re going to talk about KLIODNA, Symphonic Metal band from Belarus.

Their fist album is called “The dark side” and sounds very very well.

In some parts of the songs reminds us pleasantly to the old nightwish style( with their own style of course )

Guitar progressions, orchestrations, voices, chorus ect, having a very nice sensation listening to these guys.
As you see, the song also called “Kliodna”, easy and cool video by the way, take us to the real felling of the what we call symphonic metal. And it´s great.

Really love ” Dead princess dreams ” progressions and solo guitars are fast and brilliant, very close with the voice and the rest of instruments.

Starting to listening the first 20 seconds you think..Oh man, i need energy to resist what´s coming up! Mystical lyrics? Yes it is.

It is worth to follow them!



FIVE WAYS TO NOWHERE : Move to the Hard Rock!

Five Ways to Nowhere

This time we´re listening a very interesting band from Torino, Italy.

Based on  a “hard rock groove”  this 5ive pieced band bring us a very  catchy sound.,full of eagerness, actitude, energy  and order. 

Yes, I said Order. Why?

The voices are just right were it has to be aswel as guitars, bass and drums. Everything!.   Very well recorded, very good guitar progressions. I don´t know were you guys have been recording the songs….sounds crystal clean! 

You have to listen to this band to understand it.

You guys surprised us  definitely!

Sounds great. Everything sounds great!

Keep on the good work. We want more!





Beyond Forgiveness

Only listening  the first 10 seconds of  this peace called “A Warrior´s Blessing” …oh man, was like to be in other atmosphere, in other world. The melody takes you to unexplored lands. Yes, that soft whisper is in your head now! Wonderful!

They are Beyond Forgiveness, coming from Fountain, Colorado. Long time without listening band so promising.  Delicate and charming is the work made by Talia  Hoit, very well supported by Greg Witwer and Richard Marcus on guitars / grunts and Michael Bulach on Drums.   Some details on the orchestration, keep you focus and willing to listen different stories.

You feel the folk with this guys but there are power metal riffs and other elements,. They affirm to have different Symphonic / Power / Gothic influences on the composition, wich is great, but  we really want to add an important folk component.

If things goes as normal,  probably you will see this band playing in your state very soon.  And why not Europe? Let´s go!

All the updates on :




Tears of Martyr


The time has come!!! After lots of hard work and efforts together with Agentur EAM – Event and Artist Management, today we are happy to announce that we will be sharing “Tales” across the continent in our upcoming European Tour along with November-7. Definitely you can’t miss it!!! \m/

6.5.2016 – Feedback, Aalst, BE
7.5.2016 – Het Podium, Hoogeveen, NL
8.5.2016 – A Genne Komm, Eygelshoven, NL
10.5.2016 – Don´t Panic, Essen, DE
11.5.2016 – Rattenloch, Herdorf, DE
12.05.2016 – Silverwings Club, Berlin, DE
13.5.2016 – TBA
14.5.2016 – Motor Rock, Slupsk, PL
15.5.2016 – Rudeboy Club, Bielsko-Biala, PL
16.5.2016 – Melodka, Brno, CZ
17.5.2016 – Exit-Us, Prague, CZ
18.5.2016 – Keller Club, Stuttgart, DE
19.5.2016 – The Pit Club, Bellinzona, CH

You´ve to support your bands!!

Thank you!!

SUDDENLASH : Symphonic quality!


For a very long time, you know guys we have been listening maybe a lot of symphonic metal bands. Yes, is one of our passions.

Now it´s time for the Spanish Symphonic Metal band Suddenlash.

And  have to say we were very surprised, on the good way of course!!

Considering  “Shelter” like the master piece of this great album called “Souls Revenge” and after been analizing compositions ( what a variety! ), arrengements, details….What a great job by David Magrané and all the band!

The voice of Lidia Guglieri, thin and powerfull at the same time , moving around high notes ( Sounds fantastic ),  culminate the idea of this great proyect.

And of course, it´s not necessary to say : you´ve got to watch Shelter´s video. New album very soon!

You won´t regret if you listen to this guys. Fresh Symphonic Metal ideas are present in their music. Must to listen Suddenlash!



2 days ago, we´re in the office listening the single “Eclipsed” by Infernal Outcry,  Australian Progressive / Death metal band.  “Catchy and technical at the same time! I said. Is that possible? Yes of course!!

Every piece of vocals, guitars, drums, bass etc is exactly where it has to be, making the composition loyal to the idea of a great progressive metal song.

Everyone in the band has the same musical weight, impossible to detach only one person.  That is possibly the secret of this band : the balance.

With influences of  Cattle Decapitation, The Faceless, Manowar, Dirty Loops, Opeth, Dream Theater etc.. …the band has also shared the stage with  Psycroptic, Mephistopheles, Black Majesty and many more.

After been listen “Eclipse ” , “Perfidious Genocide”  and “Jaws of Life” , their EP  called  MASS EXTINCTION REQUIEM I  will be released 18th March 2016, so you have to be vigilant! 

Sariola : A very special band

“Only watching the picks, you realize Sariola is a very special band. Once you start to listen their music, you have to go till the end.”

Sariola is a Female fronted Extreme Dark Metal band from Germany. Founded in 2005. After several changes in the line up, seems they´ve finally  found the balance.

And as a result of this, in 2015 we have the release of  “Sariola” (Full Length Album,) this time by Cyfoxx records.

The first song called “Siren in seven mirrors”, quickly catch our attention.  Awesome key-synths at the begining and then great operatic voices from the lead singer Loreley von Rhein, and the guitars entering strongly to complete the melody. Interesting.

Great job by Erhan Karaca on” Deathfrozen Silence” A great drum´s technique exhibition. Speedy, yeah.

Pay attention to this band. Brutal clothing style, a very good staging  and of course, their amazing style of making music, for sure you´re going to enjoy the show.

Want to see them? The European tour starts now! Hurry up and get the tickets on the website:

Facebook :


  • 2006 – Sphere of Thousand Sunsets (Full Length Album, Release: Padlo Records)
  • 2009 – Deathfrozen Silence (EP, Release: Padlo Records)
  • 2012 – Sphere of thousand sunsets v2.0 (Full Length Album, Yevgen Getman)
  • 2014 – From The Dismal Sariola (Single, Release: 7HARD records)
  • 2015 – Sariola (Full Length Album, Release: Cyfoxx records)


Epica on UK Tour This November!

Dutch Symphonic Metallers Epica will embark on a Nationwide UK tour this coming November, they are in support of 2014’s critically-acclaimed studio album ‘The Quantum Enigma’.

Epica performed a magical set in London in December last year selling out The London Forum as part of their European Enigma tour. The band are now thrilled to announce dates across the UK for this winter.

Epica guitarist Mark Jansen commented:

Epica Uk tour
Epica Uk tour

“We had such a great time when we played an one-off UK show at The Forum last year that we will come back for a short run of UK dates this autumn. We will be joined on this run by Eluveitie and Scar Symmetry. I am very pleased to tour with this strong package. I’m sure you all won’t regret coming out to one of these shows and partying with us. See you!!!”
Support comes from 2 Nuclear Blast label mates. Switzerland’s Eluveitie released a new album last year, the Celtic Folk influenced ‘Origins’, which they performed at a string of sold-out UK dates last Autumn.

Tour Dates are as follows:
11-11-2015 UK-Bristol O2 Academy
12-11-2015 UK-Manchester Ritz
14-11-2015 UK-Glasgow Garage
15-11-2015 UK-London Forum